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Damon Dogg loading Up Dice

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Once again, I met up with Portland's biggest CUM-FATUATED and COCK-HUNGRY pig who calls himself Dice. I had just deboarded the Amtrak train into Portland and walked no more than two blocks when I ran into him. He was standing in front of his downtown Portland apartment having a smoke. I didn't take much, just a half a smoke, a few howdy-do's and next thing I knew I was balls deep in Dice giving him my load #2. I must have went too long inbetween my orgazms cause it didn't take me very long before I just couldn't hold it back too long before I was filling his ass with my spooge. After I came deep in him I aimed the camera at his cummy hole. It's looked so sweet and sloppy that I couldn't resist the urge to tongue fuck the flavor of his sexy boy-hole which was drenched in my cum.